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The discovery of natural cement by the Greeks, who were looking for a way to build their pyramids, sparked interest in the material. The use of the material was advanced by successive generations. In the Middle Ages, Roman builders used lime mortar with loose rocks and materials to build their structures. In the Roman Empire, a German bricklayer mixed volcanic ash with lime to create concrete that was strong and water-resistant. This chain reaction created the modern cement that we know today.

The ancient peoples of Jordan and Syria first used concrete to build their civilizations. They lived off the natural cement deposits found in these regions. The Egyptians used it to build their pyramids. In 700 BC, they made concrete by heating limestone and oil shale together. The Romans began using the material in building their empires, but they also added silica sand and stones for a smoother finish.

The Romans first used concrete in buildings. They discovered that certain limes harden with water. They also used gypsum and lime mortars. The Nabataeans used concrete to build their pyramids, and it was the first time a concrete material was used for that purpose. The Nabataeans used the material for construction in their empire. They used it to build their monuments and temples and to make underground cisterns.

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