The benefits of stamped concrete are many. The material requires little maintenance, requiring only resealing once every two years or less. This helps to maintain the color and pattern of the concrete. Unlike other driveway surfaces, stamped-concrete costs are low, as you will have to pay only for the labor required during construction. Furthermore, you will not have to haul pavers from the local store to the job site.

Although it is not as aesthetically pleasing as natural stone and wood, stamped concrete adds a sense of luxury to your home. You can choose a color palette that reflects your personal style, ranging from earth tones to grey and even multi-colored. Depending on the design and texture of your driveway, you can expect a cost of $8 to $12 per square foot. Considering that the average U.S. driveway is 16′ x 40′ or 640 square feet, a basic stamped drive can cost $5120 – $6480. Adding borders to the driveway also adds decorative interest.

The concrete used to install a driveway is much thicker and more durable than that of a sidewalk or a street. This means that it must be much thicker and more dense than normal asphalt to be effective. This is because a stamped-concrete driveway requires a stronger mix of concrete, which will result in a thicker slab. Moreover, stamping does not require any paving stones to be laid, so there is no need to worry about the traction in slippery weather.

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