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ICF homes are becoming a popular alternative to wood construction in North America, and a recent article in The Wall Street Journal suggests that they may be the perfect antidote to rising lumber prices. Architects and designers are looking to ICF homes as an eco-friendly alternative to building with lumber. This type of building material is a good choice for exterior walls and foundations.

The costs of building a new home with wood framing is rising. In fact, the cost of framing a new home can run as much as $36,000. The high cost of lumber is especially devastating for new home buyers, who benefit from low mortgage interest rates, but lose out on significant financial gains when they purchase traditional wood-framed homes. ICF homes are an excellent alternative to wood framing, and they will improve comfort and energy savings, as well as the resale value.

Increasing lumber prices will increase the price of building a new home, as well as the length of time it takes to finish. But building a home with ICFs can solve these problems. In addition to saving money, building a new home with ICFs can be a smart choice. However, the downside is that you have to spend more on materials than you plan to resell, which is why ICFs are so popular.

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